Kristine H. Wammer , Ph.D.

Associate Professor

University of St. Thomas

Department of Chemistry

Contact Information:

Phone: 651-962-5574

Fax: 651-962-5209


2115 Summit Ave. 

Mail: OSS 402

St. Paul, MN 55105

Department of Chemistry


Research in the Wammer lab is in the area of environmental chemistry, specifically chemical and microbiological processes that determine the fate of organic pollutants. Students in the Wammer lab are currently involved in several projects, all of which study biologically active organic compounds, such as pharmaceuticals, in natural waters. Current projects include:

Reversible photohydration of diene and triene steroids (in collaboration with groups from the University of Iowa, the University of Nevada Reno, and Duke University)

Current students:  Kyler Anderson (Biochemistry, Class of 2015), Stephanie Berg (Chemistry, Class of 2016)

Antibiotics and antibiotic resistance in Minnesota natural waters (in collaboration with groups from Gustavus Adolphus College and the University of Minnesota)

Current student:  Michael Andreone (Biology, Class of 2016)

Effects of ozonation on biological activity of antibiotics
Current students:  Cole Fuerste (Chemistry, Class of 2015), Danielle Webb (Biochemistry, Class of 2016)

Recent Publications:

Underline indicates undergraduate student.

Wammer, K.H., A.R. Korte, R.A. Lundeen, J.E. Sundberg, K. McNeill, W.A. Arnold. 2013. "Direct photochemistry of three fluoroquinolone antibiotics:  Norfloxacin, ofloxacin, and enrofloxacin." Water Research, 47:439-448.


Wammer, K.H., M.T. Slattery, A.M. Stemig, J.L. Ditty. 2011. "Tetracycline Photolysis in Natural Waters:  Loss of Antibacterial Activity." Chemosphere, 85(9):1505-1510.


Hu, L., A.M. Stemig, K.H. Wammer, T.J. Strathmann. 2011. "Oxidation of Antibiotics during Water Treatment with Potassium Permanganate:  Reaction Pathways and Deactivation." Environmental Science and Technology, 45(8):3635-3642.


Robelia, B., K. McNeill, K. Wammer, F. Lawrenz. 2010. "Investigating the Impact of Adding an Environmental Focus to a Developmental Chemistry Course." Journal of Chemical Education, 85(2):216-220.

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