Dr. William H. Ojala

Office: OWS 456

Email: whojala@stthomas.edu

Phone: (651) 962-5585

FAX: (651) 962-5209

Dept. of Chemistry, Mail # OSS 402

2115 Summit Avenue

St. Paul, MN 55105

Current Responsibilities

  • Staff member with responsibilities in lab teaching and development and Lecturer in Organic Chemistry


Research Interests

X-ray Crystallography; Understanding of the Structures of Biomedically Relevant Molecules (e.g. carbohydrates and their derivatives, small peptides, and potential antiviral agents); Studies of the Solid-state Structures of Benzylideneanilines, Benzylideneazines, and Selected Fluorinated Compounds; Solid-state Study of Strict Isosteres (chemically different molecules having virtually identical space-filling requirements).

The projects highlighted below involve the synthesis, crystallization, and characterization of compounds of interest; in addition, crystal structures of selected compounds are determined through the assistance of the X-ray Crystallographic Laboratory (XCL) of the University of Minnesota. Data sets collected at the XCL are transmitted to the Organic Solid-State Research Laboratory in the University of St. Thomas Chemistry Department, where students are given the opportunity to solve and refine the crystal structures through the use of the SHELXTL software package. Research students in this UST laboratory are also given access to the Cambridge Crystallographic Database.

Educational Background

  • Bachelor of Science
    College of Great Falls
  • Doctor of Philosophy
    University of Minnesota

Courses Taught

  • Organic Chemistry 1 (CHEM 201)
  • Organic Chemistry 2 (CHEM 202)
  • Organic Spectroscopy (CHEM 340)

Recent Publications and Presentations:

Ojala Group Presentations (Link)

Publications of Bill Ojala (Link)

Any comments you have would be greatly appreciated and can be sent to whojala@stthomas.edu or call me directly at 612-962-5585.