Guino-o Research Group

Our research efforts are primarily in the field of inorganic chemistry.  Currently, there are two areas of interest:

1) Triazolylidene (NHCs) ligands

These ligands are good donors to metal centers.  Due to this property, they can be used to synthesize new transition metal catalysts or emissive lanthanide ion complexes. Students interested in this research will synthesize both their organic ligands and organometallic compounds; as well investigate the properties of the resulting complexes.
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2) Group 2 metals in Metal Organic Frameworks
Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) can be defined as coordination polymers, where the metal ions or clusters are linked together by multidentate organic ligands forming extended networks.  Depending on the metal and ligand combinations, one can produce porous frameworks that have applications in gas separations and storage, heterogeneous catalysis, and most recently, drug transport.  Students in this research will synthesize MOFs using hydrothermal or solvothermal techniques.








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