Fort Group Research

Research Description:

The Fort laboratory explores the unique reactivity of aromatic compounds to investigate potential uses for future applications such as electronic devices, polymers with enhanced properties, and ligands for catalysis.

B-N Analogs of Polycyclicaromatic Hydrocarbons:

Currently the primary research in the Fort lab focuses on analogs of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) containing one or more boron-nitrogen (BN) bonds in their skeleton. These molecules are isosteres of the PAHs (structurally identical, but containing non-identical atoms). New discoveries in the reactivity and properties of these unique systems could lead to advancements in materials science, biology, and electronics. This project attempts to lay the groundwork for future applications by uncovering unique and useful reactivity gained by the inclusion of a BN bond into the molecules. Using both theory and experiement this works seeks to involve undergraduate researchers in unique aspects of computational chemistry and synthetic organic chemistry.

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